Self Portrait during Urban Exploration

Self Portrait during Urban Exploration

A Short Vita


A Short Vita

I have been fascinated by optics and light since receiving a Looking Glass at the age of 7. Shortly after that I began working in the black and white darkroom and developing my own photos and 8mm movies.

I received a Master of Fine Arts degree from Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester New York.

Eerie scenes of feminine figures bathed in mysterious light have haunted my dreams since I was a child watching suspense films late at night. Hidden rituals and compulsions are acted out in the photographic tableaux I place my model collaborators into.

My college teaching career began at Washington University, where I taught photography, video, and digital imaging for ten years. Currently I teach at St. Charles Community College.

My work has been exhibited in St. Louis, San Francisco, Italy and the Czech Republic.

Selected Awards & Activity

Naughti Gras Erotic Art & Performance Shows. 2010-2018

St. Louis Artists Guild “Clearly Human II” Cash award, 2016

Shakespeare through the Visual Lens: Juried Exhibition 2017

Honors Award, Art St. Louis. Spring of 2014 for "Silence and Noise".

Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award. St. Louis Community College 2013.

Artist in Residence Photography. St. Louis Artists Guild 2013-2015.

Curator of Exhibition "Silver in the Digital Age" at St. Louis Arists Guild 2012.


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