Remembering the Fallen


I have never really had any. But my father did. He worked the tough job of Street Repair in a Suburb of St. Louis MO called "University City" where Washington University is located. Dad was a shy but intense guy. Slow to speak, yet when he did people listened. Often I listened to his Demons about combat in WW II as a kid. This only happened after he'd drank too much Falstaff beer on Friday nights. He left his Demons and this Earth behind in 1996. I miss him still. And yes, he DID look like Sean Penn. Ironically I ended up teaching at Washington University when I moved back from Rochester New York in 1992. I drove the same route to work that my Father had 30 years before.

It was Dad who gave me the Looking Glass which sparked my passion for photography, and looking at things closely. He enjoyed taking photographs, but he warned me against pursuing it as a career. "Not enough money in it" he said. Damned if he wasn't right! Yet he was proud of my first gallery exhibition, though he never quite said that. His generation was like that.... my generation spills everything on Blogs, Facebook, and Twitter.....